Yes, we are in 2021, but the year 2020 was a trying year for all of us across the globe due to COVID-19. We won’t go into details, because our job today is to lift and inspire you. Life must go-on, life is very valuable, and life should be celebrated at every opportunity. Some people say, don’t sweat the small stuff…..we say celebrate them. We know how nerve-wracking planning a wedding proposal can be. If all those jitters are making it hard to decide on how to propose, we’ve got your back. That’s why having a plan for your proposal is as important as the ring you choose.

Christmas through Valentine’s Day is the biggest proposal time ever. If you are looking for some great ideas, here are a few! But, before you pop the big question, answer this one question from us. Which of these four engagement ideas would get a “Yes”?


Ribbon of Love – Tie a red velvet ribbon from one spot in your home to another (from the door to the living room); or from the bathroom (after your partner finishes a shower) from the bathroom to the bedroom; attach little notes (or pictures) recalling perfect moments in your relationship for your partner to reminisce along the way. Wait for your partner at the end of the ribbon with the ring in hand; kneel on one knee.

Beach Proposal – Go to the shore and build a sandcastle together (at a safe distance from the ocean). When your partner isn’t looking, put the ring on the highest tower. Be sure to have a drink or champagne; chocolate and strawberries to celebrate with outwards.

Secret Santa – This is a great way to get family members involved in your proposal. All you have to do, is ensure you are your partner’s Secret Santa, and ensure your partner is the last one to pick their gift. This will provide a great impact and the finale of the gift exchange. Think of the look of total surprise on their face when they realize what their Christmas gift is. Afterward, you can celebrate with the whole family, enjoying more holiday festivities, games, and delicious food.

Love Letter – Gather a bunch of your friends and family for a party and have everyone put on a t-shirt bearing one of the letters each (on the back) in the phrase, “Will You Marry……? Your shirt will say “ME” (on the front of the shirt) surround by a red heart. Ensure you and everyone else wear a jacket or sweater to hide the letters until it’s time to reveal. Then during the party, suggest a group picture (lining everyone up), everyone remove their covering at the same time……with you at the end to clinch the message.